I have realized that after the first post, most difficult and important one is the second post.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I like reading about StartUps and people that come up with the ideas for them. I find the steps to execution very interesting. How did they come up with the idea, what are they doing to make it work. 

I have been following a blog, lately. This guy calls himself, proudn00b, and apparently he has some Sales background, and has been around StartUps in the past. That exposure might have lit a fire where he has now quit his job, to learning programming to "build his ideas." I find his endeavor interesting, and keep up with the updates he gives everyday. I wish him luck. Entrepreneurs need to have a lot of courage, and confidence to dive head first into their work, much like this gentleman. If this type of things interests you, I advice you take a look at his site, maybe even subscribe to his blog. I would also recommend that you comment on,ask questions, and/or offer encouragement. Writing a blog doesn't have to be one-way communication, and besides, quite often, good content is in the comments :-)

While not as drastic as proudN00b, I have been meaning to take on a project to increase my learning. I have decided to tackle Sendmail. I have been meaning to do so for a very long time. I usually get bogged down by the fact that lot of learning is either too slow, where after several days/weeks I have only learned bit of theory/abstraction, but have not produced anything concrete. Or, I will pick up something where the learning is too fast. I will follow examples to get something working, but would not learn anything about the material. I would then look for the instructions again, in case I need to do the same thing. After reading the first chapter of Sendmail book by Oreilly, I feel like I can get enough out of it to run my own server, have a strong enough background for how internet mail works, and be able to repeat the process again. In any case, it should be fun. I look forward to writing about it once I am done. The idea is to not stop until I am done. ProudN00b created his blog and declared his intentions, I think, because failure is not an option. When so many people know your intentions, and are rooting for you, you will do anything in your power to make sure you don't let them down. I derived inspiration from him to set my goals and declare them to the world...because Failure Is Not An Option!

I reckon, many of you might be in the same boat as me. There are just too many things to learn, and one can get sidetracked many different ways. Take small steps, define clear goals, set a deadline, take good notes to retain what you have learned, and git'er done!

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