Nice to meet you! Thanks for coming. In this weblog (so old school, might as well call it World Wide Web log thinga-majik!) I am going to be writing my thoughts down, hopefully, you will like what I think and you will come around often. Maybe you will find that you and I aren't all that different from each other. 

I like linux, open source technology, really! I read a lot of books (on my kindle) about servers and softwares and how they came about. I love to read hackerNews, as well as other blogs about startUps or upcoming or current technologies.
I love reading about people starting new companies with fresh, disruptive ideas. Sometimes they make me go "Wow!" or other times, they leave me shaking my head because of utter non-sense they come up with. Either way, they deserve kudos for giving it a go! I can't imagine the type of courage it takes to do that.

I will generally write about things going on in the world of technology, StartUps, or anything new I learn. I "leech" quite a bit off of the internet, reading tutorials, or articles others have written to spread the knowledge or where someone has provided a solution to a problem, like (how do I do this? or how do I install that? etc). I want to contribute in much the same way, via this blog.

I hope I am able to help, and that you find my writing valuable.


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