By now you all must have heard about the Google/Verizon proposal for Net Neutrality. Well lot of people weren't happy about it, as they expected more from Google. Many people pointed out that this proposal goes against the company's code of conduct of "Don't be Evil".

Google again posted its opinion and made an effort to clear up any misinformation out there. I am not sure if it had the desired effect. Comments sure do not seem very positive towards Google. Most of the backlash is against Google, not Verizon. I guess people expected Verizon to do something like this, but it hurt when Google did it. 

What do you think? Is Google justified? I mean, after all, it is a corporation, with investors and a board to please. Is it wrong for Google to protect its interests? Is it really throwing people under the bus?

I tend to be anti-corporation mostly, but I cannot make up my mind on this one. Can we not trust Google to do the right thing? I think, instead of making judgement in haste, I will take the wait-and-see approach. 

Let's see how this all plays out. I'm sure the sun will still come up tomorrow, and the internet will still be there.



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